What to expect

When you visit our clinic you will meet either Alison or Martin, to discuss your current symptoms, reason for your visit, as well as your overall health, lifestyle and medical history.  With your consent, a physical examination may follow, and any additional tests or imaging may be requested.

If you already have imaging eg MRI, X-Ray, or recent blood tests, please bring them with you

You may need to undress for the examination. We do provide gowns, but please wear loose fitting clothing and bring additional items eg shorts to ensure you are comfortable.

Once a diagnosis has been reached, we will discuss it with you and agree a plan or care. If you have a problem which we cannot handle, we will refer you to a medical doctor or another specialist.

First appointments usually take between 30 minutes and one hour.

If there are any specific risks associated with your condition, you will be advised of these before starting care. You will also be advised of the most common reactions to care.




4 Replies to “What to expect”

  1. Hi… I am Prakash Joshi and staying in Vasco. I play football.. I am having a problem with my lower back and Right Thigh pain.. would like to get it treated with your guidance and help.

    1. Dear Prakash, thank you for contacting us. If you still with to make an appointment, please contact us on 9922121556 so we can arrange to examine you. Best wishes, Alison

  2. Hi
    My leg muscle weakness started from the time I got diagnosed with thyroid.
    Eventually right reduced alot but left has consistent leg pains. The pain is in almost all parts of the leg glute,thigh muscle, calf and knee pain. I can feel swelling & heat above the joint.
    The right leg pain will be there wen I stress it by walking or long standing.
    I am cracking neck frequently from few days. And I had pain in the neck and back of my head after driving.
    Kindly let me know if my condition can be helped.

    1. Dear Sahaveer, thank you for contacting us. Before we can decide if our therapies will help you, we need to examine you. To arrange an appointment, please contact us on 9922121556. Best wishes, Alison Bale

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