The right pre-event massage for marathon runners

It’s that time of year when people are preparing for the Mumbai and Goa marathons, and associated events.2012 (11)
Sports Massage is an integral part of many athletes’ pre-event preparation. It involves the therapeutic manipulation and stretching of soft tissues, to assist the athletes’ performance and help protect them from injury during the race.

Martin Bale, sports therapist with Walking Tall, explains: ‘The purpose of the pre-event sports massage is to help prepare the athlete for high-intensity activity. My job is to help get the muscles loose without causing significant physiological changes.

‘In the pre-event situation, I am not looking to correct dysfunction or reduce stress. Too much deep work too close to the event can make the athlete’s legs feel “dead”1. Also too much relaxation work can inhibit performance, and right before an event is not the time to look for increases in flexibility as the athlete may not have the strength to sustain increased range of movement while competing.’

A pre-event massage may be performed on the day of the event, or a few days before.
If you are taking part in either the Mumbai or Goa events and would like to take advantage of Martin’s work to support your training and help you prepare, please contact him for an appointment on 9922121556.

1 Hunter AM, Watt JM, Watt V, Galloway SD. Effect of lower limb massage on electromyography and force production of the knee extensors. Br J Sports Med 2006; 40 (2): 114-8.

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