What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the antidote to de-conditioning caused by injury and/or inactivity. Rehabilitation is exercise therapy specific to your condition and lifestyle, restoring strength and mobility. It is a way of preparing your body for all the daily stresses and strains that you demand of it in a safe, controlled environment.  At Walking Tall we have the most up to date evidence based guidelines to help people from all backgrounds achieve and maintain optimal function of muscles and joints.

Rehabilitation is most commonly used after an injury has occurred but it is also used as a preventative form of treatment. For example, in people with back pain it can be used as a means of guarding against increasing disability in the future.

Walking Tall is pleased to partner with Curamos Physiotherapy Clinic for all your rehabilitation needs. Dr Smaranika Das, #604, Opp Natraj Theatre, Leopoldo Flores Road, Vasco da Gama. Tel +91 9421498449 Email:


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