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I had a troublesome upper neck problem  

My introduction to Chiropractic care started in Australia in 2004; I had a troublesome upper neck problem and was recommended by a doctor to visit a Chiropractor for the problem. Since my first sitting with the Chiropractor; my problem was reduced and I was able to both work more efficiently
while being able to easily exercise. I than moved back to India in 2007 and was pleasantly surprised to read the services of a qualified chiropractor in Goa.

I initially started my treatment for a persistent vertigo problem that had been plaguing me for several years and doctors had diagnosed the problem as Benign Vertigo; which essentially meant that the medical fraternity could not find a cure to the problem and I was prescribed Stemetil for the problem.
The problem with consuming the tablet was that it used to make me drowsy and the effect of the vertigo used to last for 2-3 days. Since my treatment with Alison; my vertigo has drastically reduced, I may now have a maximum of 1-2 vertigo bouts in a year; compared to 1 every quarter. My upper neck pain has also reduced and whenever I have a problem with my sore neck (e.g. if I have slept in an awkward position or if I had been traveling and sleeping in poorly designed beds), a visit to Alison will bring me back on my health track.

Chiropractic has also improved the quality of my family’s life and my wife and mom; now visit Alsion for any back / shoulder / arm pain gaining instant relief. I have also recommended Chiropractic to a couple of my friends; who have found relief to chronic problems and on getting treatment have seen a marked
improvement in the quality of their lives.

Chiropractics series of exercises are also easy to follow and post treatment both my general health and energy has improved as I now drink an adequate amount of water as I have learned it flushed out the toxins.  Manish.

My body was stiff and I felt old. 

I had been suffering from chronic lower back ache for last three
years. I was almost habituated to it – could not bend, couldn’t lift.
My body was stiff and I felt old. At 30 it’s not at all a good
feeling. But Dr Alison seems to have magical hands. She touched my body and in three sessions the pain subsided. I feel much younger, I can carry my kids, and household chores don’t bog me down any longer. Sobita Kistane

I have always had back pain, even as a child. It was just part of my life.

I have always had back pain, even as a child. It was just part of my life. Someone mentioned going to a chiropractor when I was 26 and I was so happy to have the pain go away with a simple 15 minute procedure. When I got an office job and stared working on the computer my neck would get very messed up causing headaches that would last for days. My Chiropractor was able to also eliminate that pain and educate me on how to sit in front of a computer so that I could need fewer adjustments.

Moving to Goa was great, however, I had to use massages and stretching to relieve the neck and back pain. One day the pain was so bad that I went online determined to find a chiropractor in India and that I would go to his office, wherever it was. When I found Walking Tall Chiropractic and Dr. Alison answered the phone I almost cried. Relief was in India, and very close to my home! Thanks to Walking Tall Chiropractic I now can enjoy living in Goa and be pain free. Joy Curry

Chiropractic has not only helped me physically but emotionally as well. 

I have adopted this philosophy whenever there is stress in the body and mind, because
sometimes pain is a way of telling us that there is something not right just not physically
but emotionally as well. To reach a balanced level we all go through some form of
turbulence before we reach our desired positive outcome. Thus its always is a good
idea to understand what our body is communicating.

Chiropratic has not only helped me physically but emotionally as well. After going
through a lot of pain due to my other illnesses, a non-invasive treatment like chiropratic
brought me comfort and the ability to handle myself gracefully. Being part of this
treatment has helped me to understand my body better and that it has a natural way of
healing and one should let it do with help from chiropractic sessions. I suffered from
chronic back pain and with regular session am now able to sit for long time without back
support. Also I now have a better ability to deal with stress and anxiety.

Dr. Alison is an exceptional and empathetic healer and has been of tremendous help to
me and I do strongly suggest to my family and friends to avail of this healing technique.
I sincerely thank her for support and guidance.  Toral Gosalia

Dr Alison has a Vast Knowledge in her Field of Work!                          

I have been a patient of Dr Alison and have found her chiropractic treatments to be effective. Also, she has a vast knowledge in her field of work, which gives me the confidence to ask her lots of questions regarding my treatment and follow ups.

I highly recommend her, not just because of my experience but because she has helped my husband, staff and some friends.

In the past I have worked as a therapist and have often come across clients with back problems I could not treat. I used to refer to chiropractors or osteopaths. Alison is one of the best chiropractors I have come across.

Susan Singh Rarewala, ITEC, Sinquerim, Goa

Getting Better Use to Take 15 days! 

I had been suffering from a series of back aches (muscle spasm) with pain radiating to the side of the leg down diagnosed as sciatica. Initially began in 2007 and then periodically when I would stand for long hours  I suffered similar bouts of pain and had difficulty in walking.  I had to take pain killers and rest which would take about a week to 15 days to get better. Often relapsed during a short interval time  frame. 

 I had tried orthopedics medical treatment and ayurvedic massages which helped but temporarily. Given the nature of my profession I was in constant risk of straining my back. 

 I am a regular with Dr. Alison since 2009. And ever since than my ability to manage my back pain and my overall health is phenomenal. What motivates me to come back is that I can now do so much more than before. She even had me back to jogging; something that I thought would never have been possible before.

 I also noticed that when I do get a relapse with my back pain I am back on my feet within a day, with no pain killers at all. Since 2009 I have taken a pain killer once in 6 months maybe and that too because I had to go out on work.

Overall my body is able to cope with sickness far better than before. I notice that when I do get a cold/ or a viral fever my body manage to get rid of it in shortest possible duration.  (Before if it took a week, now it’s out within two days.)  I feel my immunity has increased.  

 My job demands deadlines and I am forever multitasking, my endurance threshold has increased and am able to cope with stress much better especially after an adjustment. After an adjustment I normally feel a surge of energy or a need to sleep.

For me this treatment has worked at multiple levels.

Aldina, Benaulim Goa

I Noticed a Change in my Upper Neck Problem as Well as a  Reduction in my Vertigo Spells!                          

What condition/problem first prompted you to seek chiropractic care?

My problem was related to a chronic upper neck / back problem that had been troubling me for several years; I was also experiencing bouts of Vertigo when I went to meet Alison.

Do you have regular chiropractic for prevention and health optimisation? If so what motivates you to do so?

Yes, I am motivated by the fact that regular chiropractic sessions helps me to keep my back problem and vertigo problem in check

What changes have you noticed in your health since you started chiropractic care?

After I commenced my chiropractic sessions; I noticed a change in my upper neck problem as well as a  reduction in my vertigo spells.  My quality of life has changed and I am now much more mobile and able to take part in a range of physical activities and sports.

 How do you feel after receiving an adjustment?

I feel immediate relief and less tension on receiving an adjustment .  I also feel energetic and less stressed.

I Owe You a Smooth Pregnancy                          

You have helped me so much, I owe you a smooth pregnancy and a sane state of mind, you were godsend in my times of greatest needs, I can’t even begin to explain the gratitude I feel, how thankful I am
Warm regards
Mrs Celin

Thank You very much for the Amazing Work You have Done on Me                          

I am writing to thank you very much for the amazing work you have done on me.
I was in a very desperate condition at the time I decided to seek counsel with a chiropractor.
I had a total of eleven damaged discs in my back, which had resulted in loss of sensation down my left arm, in addition to severe pain all along the left arm, extending from the shoulder right down to the fingers. I was told that this was on account of the damaged discs nos. 1 to 5 in the cervical spine area which was causing acute spondylosis, along with damage to discs 1 to 7 in the lumbar region which was causing acute back pains.
Thanks to your treatment,(worked like magic for me), I am now back to playing my regular round of Golf, which I had to give up completely for over six months, and I am also now able to ride my motorcycle as well, something I was unable to do at all, on account of the severe pain i suffered every time I did so.
Besides the amazing improvement in my spine after the treatment, I also feel that I am now at a much better level of fitness than I have been in a long time. Although I did feel a difference after the very first session, I can truly say that by the time I had finished four sessions of treatment, I was totally free of any pain related to my spondylosis problem, which I had been suffering for almost two to three years, often being unable to travel, or even move for a day or two.
Even now, after about eight sessions since I first started, every time i feel a slight re occurrence of the sensation, I immediately make an appointment, and am totally relieved of all pain or sensation, immediately after the adjustment.
I would not hesitate even a moment to recommend chiropractic treatment to any person suffering from any ailment, as I have witnessed first hand, the amazing effect it has had on me.
Mr James

I had Severe Back Pain from Last Two Years -Now its Reduced!                         

What condition/problem first prompted you to seek chiropractic and/or trigger pointcare?

I had severe back pain from last two years. During these two years i consulted 3 best doctors but there was no improvement. Later consulted chiropractor Dr. Bale, as last hope of recovery and the pain that could not be recovered in 2 years i felt the improvement in just two weeks after i consulted Dr. Bale.

Do you have regular chiropractic for prevention and health optimization? If so what motivates you to do so?

Yes,I do regular checkup to keep myself fit and able to work for hours, as my work includes long time standing job. My work that in doing is itself motivating me for regular checkups. The pain that i was getting was like an obstacle in my work, i could not work 4 too long but this treatment has helped me overcome this obstacle.

What changes have you noticed in your health since you started chiropractic care?

After i started the treatment changes occurred within two sittings and they kept on improving with trigger point massage. If I’m working and earning and able to fulfill my dream then it’s just because of this treatment.

If you partake of long term care, what motivates you to do so?

The improvement that i have felt and to keep myself fit will continue to exercise in future.

How do you feel after receiving an adjustment?

It feels great with adjustments. There was a time when i could not even stand or be in a position to work for long. but now i can do long hours standing work. i can focus on my work rather than worry about my back pain.

Raj- Margao, India

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