Keeping your head over your heels this party season

Many women like to dress up for New Year. Posh frocks and high heels. However the next morning they may wonder whether it’s their heels that have made their back hurt.

Here are Walking Tall’s tips for dressing the part while protecting your spine

Keep your heels for the party – travel to and from in flat shoes
Remember your posture – knees soft, and ears, shoulders, hips and knees aligned
Gently tighten your stomach muscles, to protect your back
Practice tensing and relaxing your pelvic floor, as this also protects your back
Try to keep your head upright and your shoulders back and down, avoid sticking your chest out
Spread your weight over the whole shoe when walking
Walk more slowly – elegantly – which also minimises the risk of tripping and/or falling.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve from everyone at Walking Tall. And call us in 2014 if and when your back, knees, hips or neck hurt!

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