How many sessions will I need?

This is the question we get asked more than any other. It isn’t easy to answer, because the number of sessions depends on many factors including your age, how long you have had the condition, your overall state of health, how fit you have been in the past, and what your goals are for the future.

Most cases require a course of treatment spaced appropriately to keep building on the previous sessions and allow time for recovery. We provide courses of 5, 10 or 20 sessions which may take a week to a couple of months to complete. Most patients are simply looking for pain relief and this is often the initial focus of our treatment. We usually expect to achieve a reduction in pain within the first 4-6 sessions although many patients respond faster and for others it can take longer. Even when pain has reduced, it is usually recommended to continue working on any problematic areas that can still be found at treatment sessions. This is especially advisable if the problem has been there for a long time or keeps returning.

When you have completed your course of treatment we will review your progress, at this stage long term expectations will become clear and we can make further recommendations. If all goals have been reached then you will be given some advice and discharged. There are usually steps that can be taken to help avoid recurrence such as an exercise program done at home or under supervision in the gym.

If you have responded well to the treatment but there is still some discomfort or it is thought that the problem is likely to return, we may advise that you have maintenance care where treatments are spaced out in order to address problems early. These may be at monthly intervals or whatever is most appropriate for you and may continue for as long as you feel the benefit.

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