Getting away from your desk

If you have a job that involves sitting down, getting up and moving regularly is an important part of protecting your back.

The spine is under greater pressure when we sit than when we stand upright, so it’s important to take regular breaks during the day. Ideally, none of us should sit anywhere, any how, for longer than 30 minutes at a stretch. If you have to sit, make your desk and chair optimal for you. For example:

Adjust your chair height so your feet sit flat on the floor (of if the chair is too high and you cannot lower it, place a block of wood or pile of books to put your feet on)
Place a small cushion under your seat bones, so your knees are slightly higher than your hips. This creates the optimum position for your pelvis to support the rest of your spine.
Use the back rest, or place a cushion between you and the back of the seat if it’s too far back
Have any computer screen level with the top of your eyes – use an external monitor, or place a laptop higher up and use a plug-in keyboard, if necessary
Either use a seat with arm rests, or have your table at the same level as your elbows, so you can rest your lower arms on the desk.

Take every opportunity to get up and walk around. Go and get a drink of water – better for hydrating your spinal discs than tea or coffee – regularly, up to 2L a day for most people.

Also look for extra opportunities to be a bit more active during your day. Take the stairs rather than the lift; get off the bus/train one stop early; go for a walk during your lunch break.

If you experience back, neck or shoulder pain, either while sitting or on rising from sitting, make it a New Year Resolution to visit our chiropractors. Call us on 9922121556.

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