Dr Smaranika

Dr Smaranika

Dr Smaranika Das is a qualified physiotherapist who has completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Mangalore and Masters in Orthopeadics and Sports injuries. She has been a university Gold Medalist .

Dr Smaranika Das at work
Dr Smaranika Das at work

She has now commenced her own practice at her clinic – Curamos, in Mangor. She aims tohave a holistic approach to treating her patients. Individual tailor made methods of treating their condition will be followed by identifying and removing root cause of their problems combined with appropriate diet, correct posture and exercise. Her Clinic provides a  up to date modalities of treatment.

Dr Smaranika Das has worked in Bengaluru as a Consultant Physiotherapist at JPNM Physiotherapy Centre and  Vesoma a Sports Rehab Center that was associated with Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, Bangalore Golf Club and the Dolphin Swimmers Academy, institutions that have produced national level sports persons.

She was with Walking Tall as their Head Physiotherapist in Margao and on contract with the Salgaocar FC Youth Development Programme as a Sports Physiotherapist for their youth teams and the Community Football Coaching Programme.

Dr Smaranika is a lifetime member of Indian Association of Physiotherapy and Indian Institute of Fitness Training. She has completed her diploma in Accupunture from Nagpur University.

She has done an Ergonomic study of computer operators workstations for Corporates and provided reports to reduce the adverse effects of the existing workstation furniture and helped in design of new workstation Facilities. Currently she is doing a study on the Neck and Back pain among Dentists and has given a talk on Ergonomic Advice on Neck Pain to the Vasco Branch of IDA.

Dr Smaranika has been active in Womens Physiotherapy  both Pre and Post Pregnancy and also done a study on non- athletic females on how to help them develop core strength in the back and abdominal muscles. This study was published by the AIIMS, New Delhi where she presented her work.

 “Relieving the pain is transient unless we get rid of the root cause, which can be ranging from what you eat, to your posture to what is your day to day activity level. Being healthy is not mere absence of pain or disease but being fit for all yours activities, for which a holistic approach is required in terms of life style change.

      Founder and Head Physiotherapist- Dr Smaranika Das, MPT(Ortho and Sports),MIAP,MIAFT,D.Acu

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