About Martin

You name it, Martin has probably done it. From running nightclubs and hotels to de-waxing Mercedes motorcars, selling coffee and advertising, and running a catering business from the back of a hearse.

Finally, he has found what he is good at and has worked as a soft-tissue therapist for more than 10 years. He practices Bowen, Trigger Point Therapy, sports therapy and Reflexology.

His claims to fame including being the therapist for a leading Australian male tennis player at Wimbledon, and working with European Championship and Olympic-standard athletes.

He will not only tell you (before you tell him) what is hurting, but he can also work out what is going to hurt in the future if you don’t do something about it now.

When he is not working, he runs and works on his Enfield (because it has broken down, again).

He believes that much of the pain that is often ascribed to arthritis is actually muscle pain; and that keeping your muscles in good health will go a long way to allowing you to remain fit and active as you get older.

He trained in Britain and is registered with the Bowen Therapy Association of Australia.

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  1. For my neck pain I have had great success being treated using the Gonstead technique.

    Do you have any experience in this field? Or do you know of anyone in the Goa region who has?

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