“You have helped me so much, I owe you a smooth pregnancy and a sane state of mind, you were godsend in my times of greatest needs, I can't even begin to explain the gratitude I feel, how thankful I am.” Mrs C

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Martin Bale , Alison Bale

Martin Bale                                          Alison Bale

Walking Tall Team

Chiropractic care and Bowen Therapy in Goa India

We are here to help you. Most people visit us for the first time with musculo-skeletal pain, especially back and neck pain, shoulder and knee problems. We also help many people with headaches and dizziness. We can assist you to recover from injuries and accidents, get back to full fitness, and help you stay well, too.

Our range of therapies includes low force chiropractic (McTimoney, Arthrostim instrument), Bowen and Trigger Point therapy, and physiotherapy rehabilitation. No surgery, no drugs.

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We are based in near Margao (Madgoan), Goa, India.

Call us today to book your first consultation – 9922121556.

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